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Brussels Office


Modern European entrepreneurs' organizations cannot function efficiently without keeping broad and regular international contacts. This results from the very nature of modern business that operates in the conditions of the European Union's single market and globalisation of the international economy. That is why Lewiatan puts strong emphasis on this sort of contacts.

We are the only Polish organization to be a full member of BusinessEurope, the largest community of European entrepreneurs encompassing over 30 European business organizations with 20 million member enterprises. BusinessEurope is an acknowledged and efficient partner of the European Commission, European Parliament and other EU institutions. The organization issues its opinions on all drafts of EU directives and other acts of EU law having impact on the European economy as well as monitors all the important developments of the European economic policy.

Our Confederation has a permanent representation in Brussels, where it forwards the standpoint of Polish entrepreneurs to its EU partners. We participate actively in the works of BusinessEurope bodies whose task is to present opinions on all aspects of the EU economic policy, such as budget, structural aid programmes, improvement of competitiveness of European enterprises, reduction of the red tape and simplification of business-related regulations, organization of the labour market, international trade, liberalisation of the services market and further enlargement of the Union.

We develop bilateral contacts not only with partners from the EU, but also with organizations from non-European countries, such as the USA, Japan, Korea or Morocco, as well as launch cooperation initiatives with Poland's eastern neighbours.

Lewiatan issues its opinions on the Polish government's most important measures in the area of international economic policy, including such matters as relationships within the EU, international trade, removal of barriers in the access to foreign markets, acquisition of access to foreign investments, international promotion of Poland and its exports.

Lewiatan performs also the role of an ambassador of Polish economy and Polish business. It is Lewiatan headquarters where representatives of foreign economic missions and foreign journalists come to receive reliable opinions on matters of their interest.


Polish Confederation Lewiatan
Brussels Office
Avenue de Cortenbergh 168
1000 Brussels
+32 2 732 12 10